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The oil industry continues to be a very important one that ensures people all over the world have access to the energy and resources that they need to thrive. This industry would not be what it is today without the efforts of many people. One individual that has continued to be a leader in this industry is Naga Potluri, who has had a long and successful career as a petroleum engineer.

Naga Potluri Starts Career with Education

Similar to other engineers in this field, Naga Potluri got into the field by starting with a solid educational foundation. He initially received a bachelor’s degree in 2001 from The National Institute of Technology, which is a leading technology-focused college in India. He later received a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas in 2004.

Career Started with Seismic Microtechnology

After receiving his master’s degree, Naga Potluri started his career working as a reservoir engineer for Seismic Microtechnology. This is a leading firm based in Houston, Texas that continues to focus on exploration and analysis of existing oil reserves. While working here, Potluri continued to learn a lot about the field and took on different leadership roles.

Continued Career with DeGolyer and MacNaughton

Following a sting with Seismic Microtechnology, Naga Potluri moved on to work for DeGolyer and MacNaughton. He started with the firm while working as a specialist engineer surrounding reservoir simulations. While working for the firm, he has continued to take on more leadership roles and today is a lead petroleum engineer while performing a variety of studies located all over the globe.

Throughout his career, Naga Potluri has continued to work on interesting projects all over the globe. Some of his prized experiences include building simulation models that were used for oil analysis in North Africa, Western Siberia, and various parts of South America. His most recent project was involved in the equity determination surrounding a new gas field being established in India. Going forward, he continues to look forward to more international opportunities to help support this important industry.

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